Belysa is a Seoul based contemporary brand that shines new light on day-to-day bags, making the ordinary into something extraordinary. Taking inspiration from childhood memories, circling around the concept of emotional relations, Belysa springs from the “Imaginary" friend, Lysa. She's approaching each new collection as a chapter in a longer story, Belysa creates a wishful world filled with curiosity,sentimentality, empowerment and memories. The bags themselves are minimalistic in their design, focusing on high quality and perfected execution, but always with a flirtatious approach such as colorful variations and fun, unconventional ways to carry the pieces.They are all functional designs made from fine, soft italian and korean leather. Belysa also lives its own virtual life which is represented by their unique Mixed reality contents and consumer experiences. Designers Haeun Kim and Changmin Oh are walking a fine line between reality and a soft yet chocking virtual world. Belysa can be understood and loved simply for the product, but be aware that there is much more to discover, diving in to the quirky and playful multi-verse of Belysa.